Momma Michele

Baby Pictures

While I was home in Virginia a couple weeks ago I had so much fun meeting John, the 3-month-old son of my friend Michele. I have known Michele since preschool. We played soccer together starting when we were 6-years-old, we grew up as Indian Princesses with our dads and would spend countless hours playing together at each others houses. I always envied Michele’s collection of Barbies and Barbie cars, houses and clothes. I have a very clear wonderful memory of setting up every piece of her Barbie paraphernalia in Michele’s living room.

John is Michele and her husband Andy’s first child. It was really special to spend some time getting to know the little bundle of cuteness. Michele seemed happy and tired and enjoying her maternity leave. I look forward to watching John grow into and little man although it is sad to think of the Barbie wonderland going to waste.

Baby Pictures