Briscoe my little Boston Terrier.
Hi, I am a freelance photographer in Arizona. I shoot wedding, portraits and events as well as news and sports for local and national publications.

I am an avid hiker and canyoneer, I am a book worm and an animal lover (currently those animals include an insane Boston Terrier and 4 cats that came with the house we bought). I have been married  4 years to an amazing photographer, David Wallace, who shares my passion for photography and the outdoors.

It is a privilege to capture the mood and atmosphere of each wedding I photograph while being the quiet observer. Because I have a background in newspaper photography I shoot every wedding as a story told through pictures. Each wedding is a unique and individual experience and I will work with the couple to fulfill their photographic dreams.


Oreo, the only cat allowed in the house. He is such a cool & independent cat.