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When asked about my style of wedding photography the answer is pretty easy. I photograph weddings in a photojournalistic style while incorporating artistic and dramatic portraiture. 

As a photojournalist I take the approach when photographing weddings to let the day happen naturally. I am not going to fabricate cliched images. I am not going to have you ‘freeze frame” yourself while cutting the cake. I am not going to have you look longingly out a window or interrupt while you cheers with your wedding party. What I am going to do is capture the spontaneous, emotional and beautiful reality happening in that moment. 

JW Marriott Desert Ridge wedding

Wedding photojournalism is not a marketing buzz word for me. It is a philosophy on how to best capture your wedding. Do you want to think back on your wedding and remember posing for hours on end? Or, do you want to look at your album and remember exactly why you were laughing with your cousin on the dance floor? Remember that hug your mom gave you just before you walked down the aisle? Remember the flower girl who stole the show? Your wedding pictures should give you goose bumps each time you look at them. 

flower girls

With authenticity comes come timeless photography. Your wedding photos will never look outdated because they will always be true. Forever capturing the silly, the romantic, and the unexpected. 

Tucson Hacienda del Sol wedding

SoHo63 Chandler, AZ wedding venue

McCormick Ranch Golf Club wedding


While photographing I am as unobtrusive as possible. In order to capture the organic “in the moment” reality takes experience and trust. This is why I like to get to know the couples that I work with before the wedding. I am there to visually tell the story of your wedding day, not a preconceived idea of what a wedding is “supposed” to look like. Great photos come from great planning and communication. 

bride with her bridesmaids

two brides wedding


You may be thinking to yourself “what about family & wedding party portraits?” Yes! Of course, I photograph all the special family and group portraits on the wedding day. This is a small but important part of any wedding. Even with these portraits I also strive to capture your crew’s unique personality. 

destination wedding photographer

Camelback Mountain wedding

Additionally, I always carve out enough time for the portraits of you and your bride/ groom together. These portraits go beyond standing still and smiling for the camera (although I will take those classic pictures). This is a chance to make the artistic “wow” images you will want to blow up and hang on your walls. 

wedding fireworks

Post production & editing: 

When it comes to post production my editing philosophy is much the same as my shooting philosophy. Keep the images true to life and realistic. Colors will be bold and vibrant. Black and white images will be rich and textured. No gimmicky editing or trendy filters. Again, timeless photos will be the result. 

Mountain Shadows Resort wedding

Arizona sunset wedding photo

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If you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to talk to you about your wedding plans.

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