“I was blow away..”

Welcome to a new blog feature highlighting my couple’s favorite picture/ pictures from their wedding. Capturing wedding moments and telling stories through photography is a joy and privilege. I want every couple that I work with to look back at their wedding album and be able to relive the day. From artistic wedding day portraits to the silly behind-the-scenes moments I love to find out what images most resonate with each couple.

Here is what Melinda & Matt have to say. Enjoy!

Desert Botanical Garden wedding

“This picture is just stunning.  The lighting is perfect and I feel like it captures the mood of the day so well.  It is elegant, but simply just like our wedding.”


Desert Botanical Garden wedding

“This picture captured something that was so special at our wedding.  Some couples might light candles or another unity ceremony, but for me there was nothing else I wanted to do more than share communion with my family and friend as a married couple.  It was such a happy moment as I was able to look so many of the guest in the eyes and without having to say anything, the joy of the moment was clear!  I didn’t expect this picture at all, in fact I didn’t know it was taken, but when we got it, I was blow away by the artistry of the simple moment that meant so much to me.”


Desert Botanical Garden wedding

‘This picture was right after we had signed our marriage license.  We were finally married.  After nearly a year of preparation and all that comes with that, we we husband and wife.  And we had the chance to just sit together.”  

“And a few more thoughts, working with you was a dream.  You truly were a part of the background, but you were able to somehow capture everything of the day.  When I was searching for photographers, I was so worried I would miss a moment, but that was not the case with you.  All of the details of the day are in our pictures and I love looking through them and sharing them with others.”