Backyard pandemic 2020 wedding

father of the bride

With their original wedding plans upended by COVID19 Taylor and Chad decided to make the best of a pandemic situation. Although Taylor and Chad made the difficult decision to moved their big wedding to 2021 they also decided to still get married as planned. So in mid-November, on their original wedding date, a few close friends and family watched as Taylor and Chad got married. The ceremony and reception were held in a relative’s backyard. The basketball court was a perfect spot and as luck would have it the backyard also had a beautiful little citrus grove. Taylor’s mother and father couldn’t be at the wedding in person so Taylor had her mom live on an iPad while she got ready. One of my favorite photos from the day was Taylor with her dad as he virtually participated on an iPad as well. This was such a fun and intimate wedding day. I’m looking forward to the larger celebration in 2021!

mother of the bride on Zoom

bride getting ready

at home wedding

bridal portrait

groom portrait


father of the groom laughing

mother of the groom

livestream set up

lifting the veil

outdoor ceremony


backyard ceremony basketball

wedding vows



pandemic wedding


Facebook livestream

orange grove portrait

bride and groom

backyard reception

bustle wedding dress

maid of honor wedding toast

bestman wedding toast

wedding toasts

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first dance

black and white dance

brother sisiter dance