Formal Portrait Ideas
Portraits on the day of your wedding can be time consuming and hectic so the more prepared you, your friends and family are the better! I ask each couple to sit down and write out a list of all the portrait combinations they would like shot on the day of the wedding. Once I get this list I can give you an estimate on how much time I will need to complete the formal portraits. You can then block this time on your master wedding time line. I will also have this list with me on the day of the wedding so we don’t forget anyone!
For those couples that don’t mind seeing each other before the wedding I highly recommend shooting all the portraits before the ceremony. By shooting the formal portraits before the ceremony you can relax and get to the party that much sooner! Remember to inform your friends and family to get to the ceremony early if you want them in some of the portraits. If you do not want to see each other before the ceremony I can shoot all of the separate bride and groom combinations and save the remaining portraits for after the ceremony, usually during the cocktail hour.

Below is a list to help get you started.

  • Bride full length solo
  • Bride close up solo
  • Bride with parents
  • Bride with siblings
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Bride with Maid of Honor
  • Groom with Groomsmen
  • Groom with Best Man
  • Groom solo
  • Bride and groom posed together
  • Bride and groom with entire wedding party
  • Groom with parents
  • Groom with siblings
  • Bride and groom with Bride’s family
  • Bride and groom with Groom’s family
  • Bride with Grandparents
  • Groom with Grandparents
  • Bride and Groom with Grandparents
  • Both families together
  • Bride with her mother
  • Bride with her father
  • Groom with his father
  • Groom with her mother
  • Flower girl and ring bearers with bride and groom
  • Flower girl and ring bearers alone